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  • Terms of Service (ToS) and Rules

    By using the website and/or any of its resources, you agree that you’ve read and understood both the rules and the disclaimer below. If you did not read, understand, and agree to the following terms, please leave the website and do not use any of its resources or follow any advice found here.


    When you click any link, download any file, or run any file from this website, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that the site creator and staff are not responsible in any way for any damages incurred. Additionally, we are not responsible for damage incurred from advice followed on this forum.

    Community Rules

    • If you would like to post a malware sample, we ask that you provide it as an encrypted .7z or .zip file with the password of “malware.” Please note that due to space constraints, file uploads are limited to 2MB or less. We ask that you first attempt to use a service like Dropbox or a similar to conserve space since this site’s purpose is information rather than a sample repository. However, if you do need to share a file and have no other way to do so, feel free to do it as a password-protected.7z or .zip.

    • When you do post malware samples, you must specify that it is malware in the post. This is to protect everyone in the community.

    • It’s important to provide value here. Be here to either get help from others or help others yourself.

    • If you just want to chat, feel free to do so in the General Discussion forum.

    • Don’t belittle and/or harass other people. If someone is doing this, please report them to myself or a moderator. Harassment is subjective so we will treat each situation on a case-by-case basis in out decision on how to handle the situation but if it’s a clear decision, the aggressor will have priveleges revoked.

    • Criminal activity will get you banned and possibly reported to law enforcement. Do not come on here trying to manipulate and/or coerce people to help you write malware or do other illegal/unethical things. Criminal activity also includes purposely trying to attack other members by not properly labeling a malware file as malware.

    • This is a private forum and we reserve the right to revoke your membership at any time. You also reserve the right to delete your membership and content at any time.

    • Spammers and trolls will be removed. If you provide valuable content and are a member of the community for a while, these rules will be relaxed a bit.

    • Feel free to contact myself or a member of the moderation team with any concerns in private at any time.

    Malware Discussion Disclaimer

    This forum has a malware section for discussion about malware. When working with malware or using websites you do not trust, you should always do so on a de-networked “lab” machine that you do not care about and does not have sensitive data. Check the tutorials and resources sections on this forum or ask on how to set one of these up if you need help. Finally, if you don’t feel comfortable following advice, don’t follow it.

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