Simple Code by Perl Explain How Ransomwares Work

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    Hello, after we missed together today I wanna explain and show a hidden definition “Ransomware” generally it’s mean : Software that demands payment before restoring the data or system infected. So, simple people will understand this definition but let me explain what it is can do.

    With ransomware, software often delivered through a Trojan (discussedin a moment)—takes control of a system and demands that a third party be paid. The “control” can be accomplished by encrypting the hard drive, by changing user password information, or via any of a number of other creative ways. Users are usually assured that by paying the extortion amount (the ransom), they will be given the code needed to revert their systems to normal operations.

    That’s all, but my turn here will explain the mean idea of ransomware and show how it’s work with simple code wrote by programming language “perl”
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    Here our script it’s trying to encrypte our data and specifically ELF and EXE and all files perl we have in our computer.
    Source Code Ransomware .pl on Github
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