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  • This seems like an eerily non-active thread… so uh… I’m John… John smith. I’m a… plumber by trade - I clean holes, find the bad stuff, and pull it out, patch things up to stop bad things from gettin back in when needed, but computers seem cool so I decided to learn malware analysis in my free time too.


  • Hi all, I was a web developer for 10 years, ecommerce, PCI compliance, etc and am relatively new to security in the last few years. I love Assembly and programming and have taught it at a college level and now am very excited to move my career forward and dig as far as I can into malware reverse engineering.

  • Awesome, welcome @id1010terror and @neonprimetime . Glad to have you both. I think you will enjoy experimenting and analyzing malware. It is fun and rewarding.

  • Hi everyone!

    I’m still a noobie kind of running around trying to figure malware analysis out.
    I mainly do sys admin related stuff for work, but I would like to dive deep into malware analysis and RE because it seems fun and interesting.
    I hope to be more active once I get all the basic stuff out of the way and actually start analyzing malware.

  • @lilb awesome! Welcome to Malware Analysis Forums. Enjoy your stay and feel free to ask as many questions as you want and we’ll do our best to help you get started. It definitely takes time but it is fun along the way and it’s not too hard to get the basics down and see some action.

  • Hi people,
    z3r0sum here. I have been working on basic malware analysis for sometime. Recently started with disassembly. Sadly no folks around here with similar interests.
    Looking forward to learn and share and help community.


  • @z3r0sum hey, welcome to Malware Analysis Forums. I hope you connect with other members here since there are not many reversers near you. Feel free to ask anything or share resources here!

  • Hi there o/
    I am Karsten and I work as malware analyst at an antivirus company (G Data).
    Two of my specialties are the Portable Executable format and ransomware.
    I am also a hedgehog in a batman costume and as such I create analysis tutorials on Youtube and for my blog.

  • @struppigel I was so happy when I saw you on here. Welcome!!!

  • This post is deleted!

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